Wrong Hair Dye?!! Vlogmas Day 14 2017

Wrong Hair Dye?!! Vlogmas Day 14 2017


This is NOT the hair color that it usually turns out to be. I’m hoping it goes a bit more brown soon lol. Also, I was having a so-so health day so I couldn’t vlog as much as usual T_T

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  1. W in 6w is for warm so it is brown but warm brown. N is for natural and A is for ash that is either green or violet based color. Also when you go lighter than your natural color hair always comes up a warm color even if you don’t use a warm color so the fact you went lighter and chose a warm color made it very warm but it is pretty!!!

  2. You are allowed to complain. You are the customer and if they didn't do it right then they need to know! You paid them to do it correct.

  3. As I already have my hair purple with blueish-green tips I have to say I want to try all blue. My original hair is drab brown going on smudgy grey so I ignore the rule that says unnatural colours shouldn't be used by people over 20 yrs and have fun!

  4. I do different red dyes but want to try green. Seen green hair and soo cool. Btw LÖVE your haircolor!!! Looks great

  5. It looks like a normal caramel brown to me. Leans towards blonde-brown, and with the warmth of the caramel it could hold some "orange" tint in some lighting. It looks good on you though 🙂

  6. I loved your original color! Your skin tone and hair was perfect. This look is good on you too! You have a face that looks good with everything! 🙂 I think pink would be soooo cool. I have had pink dye for 5 years now but to chicken. :/ I feel your pain.

  7. I like this color on you. I guess you have to get used to it. That was some vibrant green. I am having some issues with the color setting on my camera. My colors are becoming muted so you gave me hope that it's just the settings I have to play with. Hugs for today's vlog although you were not up to it.

  8. That new color looks really cute though! 💖 it really brightens up your face. I've been dying my hair pink for 2 years now and I feel your pain. My natural color is a very desaturated brown. It kinda looks like dirt.

  9. This colour looks great! I used to have my bangs dyed red, but recently dyed all of my hair the bright red o3o

    I also hope you have more better days than just good ones!

  10. I hate when the dye doesn't turn out as im expecting, I do mine myself as well as my mothers hair. I hope your health perks up soon ❤ rest as much as you need your health is more important than videos, at least to most if not all of your fans ( stupid tablet I'm using cut me off mid comment)

  11. I love the color but if you're not happy with the brassy tone you can use a color toning shampoo. It's orange tinted because your hair is originally so dark my hair is dark and that generally happens to me too if I try a lighter color 💜

  12. I was actually wondering if you were going to post your Vlogmas. Glad to have sticked around xD. I'll go watch the video now.

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