Why use a Travel Agent?

Why use a Travel Agent?

The WDW Couple

This begins our new video series for using a Travel Agent, and if you didn’t know our services are completely FREE! Tune in to find out why you should use a Travel Agent for your next Vacation!

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  1. So completely using you guys when I book Orlando Disney. I've never been and am completely clueless. Your expertise will be so appriciated. 💙💚💛💜

  2. You guys are awesome, I am going to Disney for the first time since i was 12 (just turned 50) with my husband in Sept 2018, he has never been. I started watching utube videos Nd found you guys and I have learned so muc..Thank you

  3. What part Pennsylvania are you guys from? Wife and I are from pittsburgh, and our cousin just recently moved to Orlando and season pass holders

  4. I want to become a Disney travel agent soooo bad. I have done hours and hours of research, watched numerous videos and vlogs and even wrote 46 pages of notes before my first visit last year. I havr become absolutely obsessed with Disney and have been planning our next trip since the day we got home from Disney World in July 2017. We are returning June 2019 and are so super excited to visit again. There are so many things we still want to do. We spend 5 days in the parks last visit and plan to do another 5 or 6 this time around. I am always looking for more insider info and growing my Disney knowledge base. I really hope to be able to help people plan their Disney trips some day.

  5. Going to use you guys to book our trip for next year! Love watching your reviews and other vlogs. If I weren't 62 days out for this year's trip I would be giving you a call lol.

  6. We used a Travel Agent that works with my daughter… we've had a very disappointing experience. We haven't been to WDW since my parents passed in 2001. This Travel Agent hasn't contacted us with any updates or any info. We're coming down with our grandchildren, 8, 7, and 6. I can't thank you both enough for all the tips you've given us since we found your vlog. We're coming from Ct. from June 27th to July 5th. We wish we had connected with you…Love all you do!

  7. I was a travel agent for 12 years and I can not stress enough to use a travel agent. Most travel agents do not charge forf their services. Despite all my years as an agent..I let my friend who was an agent book my honeymoon. But I'm sitting here staring at a pile for my planning..that I can't let go of!

  8. Wish I would have found you guys a few weeks ago! Just booked our first trip ever for late August and our ADR's early this morning. Still enjoying all of the helpful information you're providing through your videos!

  9. How do you possibly have time for this? From what I've gathered from your videos, you both work full time, visit the parks every day. And vlog. Kudos to you two!

  10. Did you say free dining in the summer !!!!???? Never had that before !!! Did you mean you make reservation in summer for sept and oct when they usually have it ….I’m freaking out if it’s over the summer !!! Thank You for telling me this !!!

  11. Just ran into your channel! we ran during WDW 25th weekend and planning our trip during marathon weekend was beyond stressful. Will definitely be using you guys on my next Disney trip!

  12. oOo thanks for this! 😊 only been to wdw once in 2003 as an 8y/o but we drove there from pa 😪 then we only went to magic kingdom for a couple days before doing dumb universal another 2 days lol. so yeah now that i'm 24, i just want to go by myself and do all things i never even got to see. also, stay in their resorts, not some offbrand suites across the street. since i've never really traveled anywhere, much less alone, i know i'm gonna hit you guys up at some point this year. just gotta get my money right before i know for sure when i'll be going. really praying it'll happen september or october of this year.

  13. Scares me using a TA . One told me her services were free, then when they started to book things, she was charging 50.00 for each booking, including meals ! I canceled her, and got a 200.00 charge on my c.c. , and was told it was a cancelation fee. I was getting the trip as a gift for my nephew .

  14. I’m like the unofficial travel agent for my friends and family. It does take a lot of research but I love doing it.? I think you guys have one of my dream jobs!!!

  15. Your videos are great, I've really enjoyed them and I hope your new video series brings you lots of business! We're not planning our next trip until Jan 2019 but if I use a planner I'll definitely remember you! (disclaimer: I'm ocd and would drive you crazy 😂) best wishes! Keep up the great videos!

  16. Hey guys, may be taking a trip this coming August. Free dining through August? Also what is the exact name of your travel agency and how can I contact you? And lastly……..good luck for the race to both of you!!!! 👍🏻🎉🏰

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