The Not-so-Angelic Initiative [PaymoneyWubby]

The Not-so-Angelic Initiative [PaymoneyWubby]

The Not-so-Angelic Initiative [PaymoneyWubby]

The Not-so-Angelic Initiative [PaymoneyWubby]

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  1. Yo the last minute where the ‘kind of real’ Jamie shows up is quite sad. Hope she’ll someday get out of this brainwashing act and manipulation.

    Fucking sucks getting turned from being a normal collage girl to a cult-like gal. Great that Wubby cleared up what happened.



  2. I really do feel bad for Jamie after watching that. She seemed like such a normal girl that looks like she’s been brainwashed by her mother is some way. Similar to what the daughters of the westbro baptist church were like in the Louis Therox documentaries. I hope she manages to escape one day like they managed to.

  3. Jaime “Are you familiar with the Chakra system, is that something you’re comfortable with?”


    Wubby ” I’ve seen Naruto.”

  4. Just want to talk about Lynn for a minute since everybody’s already said plenty about Jamie, because I find her extremely interesting. I’m equally as curious to know Lynn’s full backstory as I am Jamie’s, and I think there’s a lot to unpack (read: speculate) just from what little I’ve seen from this video.

    This is a woman who grew up in a “really scientific”, “medicine-based” household alongside a multitude of ostensibly [very intelligent, rational-minded]( people. Generally speaking they may have been religious, but I would guess not very intensely so. I don’t think there’s much here to indicate that Lynn had any particular religious/spiritual leanings early in life that would have precipitated her beliefs later on.

    The way Lynn talks about her brother I can imagine she was very close to him. I don’t think she ever went into exactly what medical problems he suffered from, but it sounds like it was pretty taxing on her to witness. Whatever treatment he underwent was ultimately unsuccessful, and I think Lynn [felt spurned]( by the modern medicine industry she grew up around. Despite whatever advancements we’ve made in society, it still couldn’t save her brother. Either out of genuine mental trauma or simply emotional necessity I think she abandoned it all and turned to spirituality as a coping mechanism, [convincing herself that her brother never died at all]( and is in fact [still around her at all times](

    She has at this point spun up this intricate web of otherworldly rationalities to explain away all the problems she perceives in the world, even going so far as to assimilate her own daughter into it (perhaps even to “save” her from suffering the same kind of trauma as well) all because she’s unable to come to terms with the fact that her brother is gone and realistically there’s nothing she can do about it.

    I don’t think any of this excuses her behavior or actions, but I do find it *fucking fascinating*.

  5. That shit makes me seriously uncomfortable. Thanks Dennis, I’m glad you’re alive and not a human sofa cover.

    I don’t know why I find this so creepy/sad.

  6. Paymoneywubby, the youtuber that denounced pedophilia rings on yt and raised attention to a possible starting cult. And I was thinking he was just fatman in greensuit and pink beard.

  7. Jesus Christ, that poor girl. 🙁 What the hell happened to her? I wonder if people from New York who knew her before all this happened will come out of the woodwork and shed some light on this. I feel so sorry for her; her mother is stealing her daughter’s youth from her.

  8. Holy shit dude, the ending of the video is intense. Really serious end to the whole thing. Honestly the way that wubby’s done this video is really good: he seemed to have gone into it wanting to make comedy, but realised that there really is something sinister going on. Crazy stuff.

  9. Does anyone have the full story on Jaime? People are suggesting that her mother is the sole reason for her personality change, but Schizophrenia and other mental health issues often show up in peoples’ early to mid 20s. It may be that her change is due to her own naturally evolving brain chemistry as well as her mother’s influence.

    I’m not sure it’s fair to paint Jaime as entirely innocent and her mother as a manipulator. Where does everyone think that her mother got these beliefs? I just feel bad for both of them.

  10. Damn it’s making me uncomfortable watching him listen to Lynn’s ramblings. When she’s nearly crying and staring at him, I would feel so awkward.

    ‘Cookies!’ made me laugh though. I do hope we find out what’s going on with Jamie. Seeing those Twitter posts and videos and now how she is was a bit of a shock. It was good to see but it made me feel sorry for her. It’s not fair that her energy and happiness has turned into what she’s doing now.

  11. Honestly, I have been waiting for his side. I am interested in the behind the scenes stuff we arent being shown.

    Well shit, even though Jaime was a bitch I still feel bad for her cause I can’t help but see that shes clearly being manipulated.

    I also wonder if Jaime even sent those or if Lynn knew Wubby would read them to his audience. and sent them from Jaime’s email.(The email was also typed more in the way lynn talks im actually starting to believe this more)

    That’s True


  12. Whether two people can be considered a cult is up for debate, but here’s the cult-like programming that Jamie’s being subjected to:

    For starters, her mom’s done what a lot of cult leaders do and has given her a new, socially unacceptable vocabulary. Scientology does the same thing, they replace all your vocabulary with acronyms and concepts like “tech” or “ARC triangle”, or in this case “karmic records”, “the lower dimension”, “channeling Gabriel”, things that people outside the cult literally can’t understand. She even says in the first wubby video that she doesn’t have hobbies or watch TV, and her mom says “we keep as much a distance from society as we’re able to keep.” She spends all her time talking like this and listening to her mom talk like this, her head is fully soaked in strange jargon, so her mom is really the only person in her life who she can hold a “meaningful” conversation with anymore.

    She’s also been told she’s on a mission of cosmic importance, one that’s more important than the life and friends she left behind to join her mother on her quest. That’s something EVERY cult does. They tell you that you need to disconnect from people and abandon goals you had in your previous life, because if you don’t, the entire world is in peril. In this case, not just the entire world, but the soul of every child in the lower dimensions would lose their conduit to happiness, I think, I’m not sure what it means, but if I was a believer it’d sound too important to just up and leave.

    Also, listen to the way her mom refers to the both of them. Lynn Life vs. Jamie Body-Mind. It implies that Lynn is the only one with a transcendent significance–she’s the one with the soul and Jamie’s just a vessel with a brain plugged into it. That’s also something that many cults do, it’s why Jim Jones wanted his congregation to call him “Dad”, the cult leaders always assign themselves a title that implies “I’m everything” and their followers a title that implies “you’re nothing”. Even Wubby is the Wubby Body-Mind. So Jamie’s basically the second in command, spends all her time on this shit, and she’s still on the same level as Wubby? That’s got to sting. Maybe if she pulls some more strings, she can finally be a Life.

    Lastly, I suspect that Jamie feels she can’t leave because in this case, she’d literally be leaving her family. Not a metaphorical Jonestown family, but her real mother. This is what Jahova’s Witnesses do, they keep you from leaving and asking questions (in this case she’s not only discouraged from asking questions, she’s literally made to say “that’s true” to everything her mother says), because if you do, you will never, ever see you family again, and that’s too much for a lot of people to bear.

  13. I was actually sad when seeing Jaime’s old twitter and YouTube in this video. She was just a normal, funny person and it looks like she’s been taken advantage of.

    Although in the behind the scenes bits of their videos she did seem a lot less brainwashed so at least we know she not completely insane.

  14. I’m not done yet, but I am so glad Wubby talks about the descent into madness of Jaime. It’s fucking crazy how much her mom has twisted her to this lunacy. I hope she can get away because her mother is severely mentally ill. This is at the very least some kind of delusion, at worst a narcissism-fueled manipulation designed to control her daughter

  15. Said this on the video, but I feel it’s worth saying here, too.
    I spent about three years following a family. They just showed up one day across from the church I was going to, started making Sunday lunches for everyone. They smiled, and laughed, and helped whoever needed help. They looked so normal.
    Over those three years, though, they showed themselves. They convinced myself and my mother to trust no one but them. Not our church or church members, our friends or family, no one. No one but them. Like the frog in the water that slowly comes to a boil, we didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late.
    At their behest, I dropped out of high school and moved across the country. My mom sold her house and moved to Africa. We threw away our lives, because these people convinced us it’s what God wanted.
    We’ve since gotten away from these people. Been about nine years. We’re better now. Think for ourselves, have our own lives, and haven’t spoken to them since.
    I say all this because that’s what Lynn reminds me of: those cultist nut jobs that my mother and I sacrificed everything for. The way she over talks Jamie, corrects her, corals her into saying and believing what she wants her to.
    What’s happening to Jamie isn’t healthy. What Lynn is doing to her isn’t right. I sincerely hope Jamie gets away while she still can.

  16. I went to college with Jamie in New York. She was an acquaintance, but a very friendly one. She was dating a friend of mine and came to lots of events that we had together.

    All I remember was sometime around 2013 or 2014 she and my friend broke up. He wasn’t a super close friend, so I didn’t really press him about it, but I got the vibe that he really didn’t want to talk about their breakup. But they were both graduating, and going down different paths (she had been studying theater, he was an engineering major) so I figured it was something to do with that.

    Anyway, a year or two I saw her posting about getting a site up for her horse health/healing business, and thought it was weird because I had only ever known her as a theater major. Started looking at the site and some of her videos and was super confused. Jamie in the videos is very different from the Jamie I knew at school. I really don’t know what’s going on here, but I can confirm that when I knew her in college, she appeared to be a totally normal person.

  17. I have no idea what’s going on here. Can I get an out of the loop link for this?
    I feel like grandpa Simpson.
    Don’t laugh, it’ll happen to you!

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