The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup.. Rosary Livestream Catholic Chat

The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup.. Rosary Livestream Catholic Chat

RebornPure Catholic

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  1. My parents took my rosary.

    I'm a protestant looking to convert to the Catholic faith. I used to hate tradition coming from a Hillsong like church. But ever since I found the church fathers and the truth of the Catholic Church, I could never look back. Even though I'm only 18 I fell in love with the Latin Mass. I'm hoping to attend one soon. The tradition if the church never ceases to amaze me. I tried to explain to my mom the truth of the fathers and the errors of Sola scriptura and Sola fide. But none of that really mattered. All my parents cared about the Mary Mary and Mary. It didn't matter what doctrine I was talking about everything came back to praying to Mary and the saints. I would wear a rosary around my neck and hide it in my shirt to school, but was skeptical about praying it. I know all the arguments Catholics use for praying to mary- rev5:8, rev 12, ark of the covenant,old testament queen mother, new Eve, church fathers etc. Everything made sense in my head but didn't make sense completely in my heart as much as teachings on the Eucharist had. Today I forgot that I was wearing it and my parents found it and said that I won't be practicing idolatry anymore. I don't know what to do anymore Mary is a struggle for me and I don't know how to fix it.

  2. Thank you Renee for this rosary! And I was able to go to confession today before work today so I want to say thank you for all of y'all's prayers.

  3. I enjoyed the rosary tonight. But I didn't pray it. I more just listened tonight. I haven't prayed since Sunday. I won't know when I will go back praying the rosary. I hope God for gives me for me not praying and the Virgin Mary. My pitbull attitude will wait and decide to see go back and pray it or stop. Renee keep doing these rosarys. Young lady you are doing something great in God eyes and Virgin Mary's eyes. Heaven is happy for what you are doing. God Bless You , Renee. Ciao

  4. Hi! Thank you all again. Finishing up my online prayers at … and saw the notification for this… sorry I couldn't join in due to other joyful obligations…. I love the title — but I would say 'the moment I wake up, before I shave 'up'," 🙂 (needs work, I know)
    Related to the title of this stream, at one point in my life I was blessed with an exhortation – always thank God for the new day as soon as you wake up. So, my day, before anything … like Morning Offering Prayer… is 'thank you Lord for this day… help me to be fruitful in it."
    It really helps. And the following link is to a video that is related. I hope you like it. And you know, "Make your bed," is also an idiom that relates to 'owning' our thoughts, words, & actions – good ones, mistakes, and bad ones that effect others. When we develop, I'm responsible for all of my actions — it isn't someone else, it isn't my health, it isn't the weather: I welcomed/entertained that thought; I said that; I did that — whatever the mitigating circumstance may be. With Jesus Christ, and His Grace – don't we grow in doing better in all circumstance? Don't we truly care for one another, helping build one another up in The Lord with true compassion?
    "Inspiring: Change the World by Making Your Bed – by Admiral William McRaven"

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