Say it Louder for the People who Ain’t Listening

Say it Louder for the People who Ain't Listening

Say it Louder for the People who Ain’t Listening

Say it Louder for the People who Ain’t Listening

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  1. Feel like there is going to be that one person who comes in with a full think peice about how this post is something-ist and how anyone has the right to to procreate and how telling someone not to is a violation of this rights, etc.

    Unless they already did and I’m late.

  2. Yerp. Also don’t have kids to save a relationship or if you plan on passing your parenting off on others because you want to still do what you want. The kid will suffer.

  3. Studies show that if you are not financially stable, having children will make you less happy. No kids till I got a house, the cars I want and both my partner and I have nice paying jobs 🙅

  4. I think that’s why I had a grudge with my mom growing up. I asked her one day why she kept having kids even in our financial situation and her response was that it was none of my business. I love my mother. But you shouldn’t have kids if you’re broke af. Period.

  5. Also don’t have a child if you aren’t prepared to deal with the negatives that come with raising one. Nothing worse than taking out the miseries of your life on your children.

    EDIT: word

  6. What people with this POV don’t understand is that most of the time, people in third world countries do know that they probably shouldn’t have kids. It’s often times an accident because they’re too poor for contraception.

    “Then just abstain! It’s not that hard!”

    Yeah it’s not that hard when you have countless of other things to do to entertain yourself but when you’re dirt poor, have been working all day for like a dollar a day, finally see your partner at the end of the day, finally get done with chores and have almost NOTHING else to do, you try keeping it in your pants.

  7. Next to me at a gas station pulls up a beaten up old van. Out comes a dirt-poor guy but his toddler looks worse. Then inside he drops $40 on scratch off tickets. I wanted to punch him out. It’s about priorities, not about having enough money.

  8. This is the main reason I don’t want kids. I don’t even have a house of my own. I legit don’t understand how people can feel comfortable having and supporting children.

    It feels like these days children are a luxury. Continuing your family’s legacy is a luxury. That’s pretty fucking sad when you think of it.

  9. looking at how they’re dealing with abortions and sex education, “stop doing the most fun thing you can do while poor” doesn’t seem to have ever worked ever in all of human history.

  10. I always get frustrated on parent and baby subs. Every day there is usually at least one post asking how people knew they were done having kids. “I’ve got three but just FEEL like I need one more” It shouldn’t be about how you feel. Are you financially able to care for another child? Are you raising the ones you have to be the best they can be? Have some self control and stop bringing kids into this world because you FEEL like you need a baby.

  11. You better preach!!!

    In theory, I want to have a child. But I can’t. I’m starting a new career, I’m trying to get my masters. I’m already in debt $95k+ just from my bachelors degree alone.

    My wife is in debt $175k+ from school getting two masters. She’s already in her career, but just starting.

    My mom had me when she was 15…because of my grandmothers abuse, she had to give me up to her and she ran for the hills (I don’t blame her…we talked…my grandma is crazy, and I understood why things happened the way it did) but because of that I grew up with extreme lack and poverty. It is only by Gods grace and mercy that I am doing okay for myself financially…and I am not even where I need to be because I just switched career fields like two months ago.

    So when people that are doing (financially) worst than me and they’re popping out like 3-5 kids…I really scratch my head. Either you have AMAZING family support, or the state is financing your life. I can’t live like that. My childhood was already like that. Why would I want to bring that into the NEXT generation?!?!

    If someone has found the key to having children in 2019, and comfortably raising them, with ADEQUATE child care, and parents having a full time job. Please PM me, because I don’t know how y’all are doing it…EFFECTIVELY (< the key word.)

  12. Reasons I won’t have a kid until I’m ready. Don’t wanna have that kid to struggle for nothing like I grew up. Had scares in the past but I won’t do it to them.

  13. No no no, tell young people that they aren’t full adults until they are married and have children. Don’t educate them on finances, birth control, family planning, or critical thinking. Keep the poor poor.

  14. For alot of people not in western countries children are a source of income they work in farms and mines so having more children is a advantage espically in india even in my own country pakistan its a very big problem.

  15. remember that part in Roger & Me where the Sheriff’s deputy is talking about how one of the people he’s evicting just got married and says something like “I don’t know why you’d get married to another poor person if you’re poor, you don’t need help to be poor”.

    Same x100 for a kid. You don’t need a kid’s help to be poor, and a kid doesn’t stand to gain anything by being raised in a destitute household. You’re broke, you ain’t got shit to teach a kid, you broke fuck.

  16. Anyone else think it’s kind of fuxked up to have kids in general? Just kind of bring them into the world that no matter what their going to struggle and end up dying at the end?

  17. Wife and I combined make 100k a year and I don’t feel like I can afford a kid. Insurance is crazy a Good babysitter would be crazy expensive. Then food clothes and necessities on top of that. Then also having the time to raise them right so they aren’t just another idiot out there.

  18. If black people struggling to feed themselves didn’t procreate after the abolition of slavery, there would be practically no black people in the US today. People recklessly reproducing isn’t a problem in the western world. We have negative rates and we are more than wealthy enough to support poor children born into our countries. This is simply another attempt to blame the poor for being poor. Oh, you were born poor? Well your parents shouldn’t have had you.

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