People Share Their Most Horrifying Cooking Stories

People Share Their Most Horrifying Cooking Stories


“The visuals still give me goosebumps to this day because it’s pretty much a nightmare.”


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  1. once i was in food & nutrition and I was making banana bread, but I got called to the office while it was cooking. the bell rang while I was in the office and I went straight to my next class. one period later, the fire alarms were going off. it wasn’t until the next day that my teacher informed me that it was in fact my banana bread that caused the fire alarm to go off and the fire department to be called. 🤦‍♀️

  2. My sister made a buffalo chicken pizza for my family and her friends one night. She got cheese from the dollar store and the cheese was like plastic after it cooked so we got takeout pizza and we still tease her about it.😂

  3. I decided to make ramen noodles. I boiled water. Fire starts. I decide to cry. I make ramen in microwave.

  4. i thought you were supposed to thaw fish like you did chicken. Left it in the sink to thaw… overnight.

  5. I made a cake that was five layers and i was tryig to get the batter of the hand mixer i put it on full speed making it fly all over my kitchen going on the ceiling wall and everywhere else

  6. My mom asked me to continue mixing the batter with a small electric hand mixer. I had really long hair at the time and I didn’t have any hair tie I could use to pull my hair back. And someone said something to me so I turned my head and my hair got stuck in the whisks.

    It took like an hour to get my hair out of the whisks, it took another hour of washing my hair

  7. I once preheated an oven to 400, but the thing was that there was a knife in the oven, so when we opened up the oven, I saw a knife with a completely melted handle.

  8. i started a pan on fire and threw it on the deck. i have a fear of making grilled cheese now. also: the pan was dented and i had to throw it away. i never told my mom…

  9. Why wasn't Ryan Boogera here. He said he almost burned his house down because of cheesy bread.

  10. Once I put a burger in the microwave and I forgot to remove the paper wrapper, so it caught on fire. I went to extinguish it with a cup of water (idk why i thought it was a good idea to put water in an electrical appliance) but my Grandma stopped the fire in time. So yeah, I almost burned my Grandma’s house 4 months ago.

  11. Another horror story: I was house sitting and decided I wanted to make beans in a pressure cooker. I had NEVER used one before. I did research, watched videos, I was confidant I could do it. I turned off the heat after about 20 mins and released the pressure right away. A VOLCANO of hot bean juice bursts out of the pressure valve and sprays all over me, the stove, the ceiling. It was a disaster. And the beans had not fully cooked.

People Share Their Most Horrifying Cooking Stories