People Share Their Best Break-Up Advice

People Share Their Best Break-Up Advice


People talk about breakups and their best breakup advice.


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  1. I tell all my exes to not contact me in any way for 6 months, so I can take time for myself. After this period I’m usually kind of over it and able to have a normal polite convo with them. I also ask to respect this distance if they want friendship after the relationship.

  2. Can you make a video about heartbreak advice? With someone you weren’t even with. That hurts a lot

  3. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 15 months, 4 days ago… Im turning 18 in a couple months and I have to spend 1.5 years in the same classroom as him (not just a few classes but EVERY class)… lets just say I went to school today, not going tomorrow.

  4. Girl: as soon as I can
    Boy: will you leave me?
    Girl: No are you crazy?!
    Boy: do you love me?
    Girl: yes alot
    Boy: have u ever cheated on me
    Girl: no never!
    Boy: will you ever kiss me?
    Girl: every chance i get
    Boy: will you ever hit me?
    Girl: definitely not
    Boy: can I trust you?
    Girl: yes
    Boy: Babe
    (now read it backwards

  5. As an aro/ace, I feel very lucky to not feel the attractions that lead to breakups.. I applaud all the romantic/sexual individuals out there who can and are trying to make it through these very painful experiences.. y’all are badass!

  6. When they say don’t look at their instagram. DON’T!!!! EVEN A YEAR AND A HALF LATER!! NEVER !!!!!

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    If you can't Google Image them their probably baefriends I met in school but didn't go well but cursed, gaypornstar,youtubers,producers,chef,actors

  8. What if you break up with your best friend? Or like,a friend . I know now,cutting off ties with a friend hurts the same . Because then,even your friends can't help you heal .

  9. damn this came out just a couple days after my first break up & this was very much needed

  10. I went through a big break up less than a month ago and the amount of pizza I've order 😂 good old dominos always by my side

  11. I have never been through a breakup. I've had one relationship with my husband since I was 22. I'm lucky, and trust me, I'm definitely not settling. Be introspective with who you are and what you really want. I think most compatibilities with a person as an adult can be figured out before six months, making break ups easier if you need to break up.

  12. I broke up with James Park, he is now the CEO of FitBit. I’m happy because he doesn’t believe in having children. I am now married and have a two year old son, that’s better than being a childless billionaire!!!

  13. i wish i would never get broken up … means ill have Exes.. I want a long stable relationship 🙂

  14. The heterosexual people are so much more comfortable talking about the gender of their partner; sad

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