Officers Photograph Student’s American Flag Viewers Shocked When They See What Else In Photo

Officers Photograph Student's American Flag Viewers Shocked When They See What Else In Photo

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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  1. I'd probably have a lot more respect for law enforcement if they were to focus more on actual crimes rather than treating citizens like tax and debt slaves by harassing and collecting from them over trivial victimless crimes like traffic infractions.

    Just a couple days ago, I was coming down the highway in an area where many people drive over 55 but I was traveling about 55 mph. In front of me was a Sheriff's Deputy SUV which pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway.

    He never put on his emergency lights or siren nor did he use any indicator signals.

    Next thing I know, he's turning around, right in front of me, because he wanted to catch someone traveling the other way and I suppose he assumed the highway was clear for his U-turn rather than using his mirrors to check for traffic.

    If I hadn't assumed that he was going to do something incredibly stupid, I would have hit him in his driver's door and likely killed him at that speed.

    When I called the non-emergency line and told them I wanted to report an incident the Sergeant I spoke to hung up on me because apparently they don't even want to police their own police force. But it is important to keep harassing and collecting fines from citizens, for victimless crimes, in a purportedly free society.

  2. my dad is going to be highway patrol its the top of all tops from sheriffs and cops police and law he is the top he is actually in the acedmy right now he left home yesterday he comes home every friday stays then leaves 🙁 and my dad has the the black blue and white flag on his shirt and it says what it represents

  3. Just like a great cop reflects on the police force, so do the ROGUE cops! You hear more and more about rogue cops.
    The fellow cops need to settle down those rogues to get better respect

  4. Very cool & true. I wish there were NO bad cops. We're supposed 2 Respect the badge, they should too. Thank you to the Good Ones 4 keeping us safe! 💙💙💙

  5. I agree I met one officer once who was extremely heartless and rude towards a young girl who only asking for help otherwise she was on the verge of life and death yet he couldn't care less but luckily one of them stood up for the girl and comforted her the girl is alive today thanks to that certain officer. What makes a great officer is not a badge and brawns but rather the capacity to feel and act with a heart.

  6. The little black boy that hugged that officer was forced to or he would starve to death. Later on, his white lesbian adopted mom drove them all off of a cliff! It was him, his brothers and sisters, her and her girlfriend. They are the Hart family if you want to check for yourself. cruel world.

  7. Why are all the stripes blue? It would have been far more visually effective if the normally red strips were red, with the one blue strip. Nice try, but major fail.

  8. Is this going the other way as well? So the police officers and especially the politicians knows that the action of one member of a group (foreigners, moslems, etc) does not reflect the action of all members of the same group

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