Manic Panic – Hair Dye Fail

Manic Panic - Hair Dye Fail

Kandy Foxx

I tried to add some extra pink to my hair. I was hoping for a nice change, that didn’t happen at all.

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  1. Hey Candy, have you ever considered weight loss? If you already doing it, good luck and kuddos. If not, time to start. Please take care of your health. It was hard focusing on the hair thing when i saw how much you take off of that chair. Take care 💪

  2. Hey guys, a lot of comments here oh how she did use the dye correctly, but I used it as well and its completely useless, I used other manic colors and they work, this one​ doesn't

  3. I would bleach and use RAW color, they sell it at hottopic. Been using it for 2 decades and its the only dye I use for crazy colors.

  4. try next time to do sections or youtube how they dye their hair i wished i lived by you to help you i have the new splat ruby ps hair dryer is the worst for your hair its best to air dry it

  5. I love manic panic. I put it on and leave it in a shower cap overnight.
    That's best.

    If the color is dark you can leave it unbleached for a darker, more subtle effect. I have a dark green in right now over my dark brown hair and it looks great.
    If the color is light you must bleach your hair to the lightest possible shade and all the way white before putting in pastels.

    When I dye my hair (medium length, thick) I use 1 and 1/2 pots of dye. Then I mix the remaining dye with conditioner and use it every time I shower as my conditioner to keep the color fresh.

  6. I'm confused as to why you applied most of the dye to your dark roots and then were disappointed at the results lol No offense at all.

  7. Your eyebrows look fierce! I dye my hair at home too and it sucks! Luckily I'm not anal about my grey roots so I just do it when I can't stand it anymore. It sure was easier when my youngest daughter would help me but then she had to go and get all adulty on me and move out. Now off to see your next dye job video! 💜

  8. Hello! I totally get wanting to save money and do this kind of stuff yourself. I wanted to do my hair blues, purples, and silvers and hair was originally dark like in my profile pic so I did a ton of research how to do it myself without frying my hair. It took like three weeks total to do but I LOVE the outcome!! So I had to first start the bleaching process. I bought all supplies at Sally’s. I lathered my hair in coconut oil about hour before bleaching. Bleached then did a deep conditioning treatment. Waited two weeks and did same process again. Then I looked up pin wheel method and did that to create a really cool blend and layering of colors. It was so challenging but totally possible and came out killer- I love it! Then I found a cool demonstration on how to even do an angled bob on myself. I should have made a video on it but I didn’t, but it’s totally possible and saves so much money. In total between multiple lightening sessions and all, I’m sure I saved at least $400. Well keep being awesome and best of luck to you in your YouTube adventures!! Keep spending smart and living happy! 🤗 -rachel

  9. I promise you if you get sparks ,or Artic fox and do over the color you have now you will be very happy . I used the purple even over my orange and it came out great if you check out my insta pics you will see the different ways I did my hair, of course it won’t cover the roots and that was my problem it was either re bleach my whole head or go dark and I just said screw it cut off my hair and went back to black ..and of course now I miss my colored hair .

  10. You need to format the SD cards every once in a while. I don't know why, but just deleting old videos off to make room seems to stop working after a while and it needs a clean format to hold memory again.

  11. i was cringing when she didn’t use bleach on the roots first😭😭 girllll everyone knows u gotta bleach hair when it’s dark like that for it to work

  12. Love your videos 🙂 you are so great and funny . Could you do a video about how you grow your Channel or edit and stuff ? I could use some tips for my channel xoxox

  13. I think the reason it didn’t take too well is because you used quite a bit on your roots which you’d need to bleach beforehand before putting a colour on because no bright colour goes over dark brown. Probably more dye would have been better too so you could really lather it in, as your ends looked like they didn’t have enough dye on, also dying your hair on freshly washed hair doesn’t help because apparently the dye doesn’t take as well 🤷🏻‍♀️:-) xx

  14. I used to dye my hair constantly. I never used petroleum jelly. I always used conditioner and for hair your length I would use two boxes. That keeps it from being patchy; lots of dye for the hair to absorb. Btw HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🍁🍽🦃

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