Justice served, you hillbilly bitch.

Justice served, you hillbilly bitch.

Justice served, you hillbilly bitch.

Justice served, you hillbilly bitch.

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  1. They should remake a sort of “Grim’s Fairy Tales” but from the perspective of all the antagonists. That would make a very good series @Netflix give me credit if you ever copy this

  2. Am I the only one who’s not so into this trend of bashing white southerners? I would consider myself a left leaning moderate, but this is getting out of hand and I’m not even white. Also, I get that it’s a joke, but it’s so prevalent online and that only builds up resentment.

  3. People didn’t watch this fuckin movie lol.

    First off dorthy didn’t kill shit. Her house landed on a witch that was probabaly out terrorising munchkins.

    Upon realizing her sisters dead, what does her sister do? First thing she does is goes after her sisters kicks, she didn’t give a fuck about that bitch, just her magic shoes.

    And what’s her other sister do to stop her from doing that? She puts them on Dorthy.

    Now what’s the wicked witch of the west do without even thinking? Swears death upon some powerless human and her fuckin dog too

  4. Glinda the real evil behind it all. Check it: She used Dorothy to kill/remove all her competition: Witch from the East: Dead. Witch from the West: Dead. Wizard? Gone. Dorothy: Gone.

    Glinda’s the only power remaining.

  5. Woah I’m from kansas and I find this offensive. We have meth heads and white trash and football hooligans but we ain’t got no gotdan hillbillies.

  6. Well she didn’t do either. A tornado blew the house on her sister and another witch used magic and attached the shoes to her feet. Even deeper, it was all a dream.

  7. For 40 years I have told people that my stepmother was not nice. I always explained it away as follows…”if a house fell on your sister and you did not get her shoes, you would be nasty too”. Your post is awesome.

Justice served, you hillbilly bitch.