I’m a stay at home mom, have at it

I’m a stay at home mom, have at it

I’m a stay at home mom, have at it

I’m a stay at home mom, have at it

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  1. OP’s Bio:

    >I am a stay at home mom, If I can find the time between house chores and playing with my son I love to paint and listen to music. I put up my christmas decorations two days before thanksgiving.

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  2. You look like you never outgrew middle school life and you were 14 and he was 35 when you had the baby

    Edit: wow that’s a lot of upvotes
    Edit 2: wow I like how everybody is suggesting on what happened to the dad.

  3. I can see in the background that you have to spray aerosol in a chip bag to get high before your welfare payment comes through and then you can light that glass bbq

  4. Being single and on welfare does not count as a “ stay at home mom”. If it does, you can call me Daddy since I’m paying for it.

    Edit: holy shit you guys, thank you whoever gave the silver award! That’s my first award! Now keep her on the spit!!

  5. Jesus, a stay at home mom and you can’t even put in the effort to keep a clean house and care about your appearance?

    Your husband must have pretty low standards to put up with that. I can already tell from the shitty apartment in the background that he doesn’t make much money.

  6. You look like a 20 year old still in your parent’s house, without a job, not in school, and still act like r/im14andthisisdeep. Still rebellious as ever even though you completely rely on your parents and have sex with your boyfriend who is in a band in the back of his van.

  7. I love when girls try to take cute pics for /r/roastme and fail spectacularly. You can’t fish for compliments looking like this. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. You scream a foolish girl who robbed herself of her independence and in a desperate need to gain that back you’ve gone through efforts in your appearance to seem unique and special while knowing your no more interesting than a plank of wood. Your identity is that you have a child and this brings you a semblance of strength but you are ashamed of the realities of your life. Disorganized and not in control you keep searching for something or someone to make it ok but you’re on your own and less desirable than ever. This kills you but your trapped.

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