How To Travel To Africa w/ Bomani Tyehimba

How To Travel To Africa w/ Bomani Tyehimba

Search for Uhuru

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travel to africa

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  2. Hello Dynast, this shirt really looks good on you, I love the design! Another great video!

  3. Can you travel by cruise ships? I think it would be cheaper if you get to know the port of entries in those Africa countries we could visit. The tour package is a great deal if it's planed in advance.

  4. Breathers how do I do this I won't to make a life in the mother land. I'm from Jamaica living in londond

  5. I'm leaning more towards the Bush option and village to get more insight on the culture but how exactly do u go about going to the Bush and finding a village that will take u in and let you stay there ?

  6. at 44:00, yes I've been on the Tour of a Lifetime with Br. Bomani and it was amazing!! There was one person out of close to 45 who whined and whined about this or that not being absolutely perfect. It was a pain and a little ridiculous and ultimately unnecessary. This person dragged down the energy of the trip. This is a very unique tour and this person really needed not to go but that happens from time to time. Aunt Bunny and Uncle Ruckus can slip through the cracks.

    But I highly highly recommend going on this tour with Bomani Tyehimba, it was AMAZING!

  7. Haitian vodou WhatsApp discussion group: +1-781-915-4142 Send your membership request via whatsapp to be added if you interested . Thanks !

  8. So in Europe it easy first because more People goin in africa all time even for first time every think can be easy that is différence btween america People, so we need to help and explain them for to make travel to africa

  9. I think in america People get trouble to go to africa because They think that it not easy maybe for longue trajet and somtime They havnt nobody to trust,

  10. France ☛Ghana france☛senegal my goal for the moment…. Later rdc ❤. We make it difficult because IT s a unknown place and adding to this long brainwashed spirit …it s like the abyss of the ocean with some mami wata 😨. BUT WE HAVE TO HANDLE IT WITH OUR ☥ CROSS and throw all these false stéréotypes☻

  11. I m very interested with this video 👍 i m going to see this with attention …maybe some name of guides / country on which we can trust Will help

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