How to train your PUPPY to walk on a loose leash!

How to train your PUPPY to walk on a loose leash!

Training Positive

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This puppy training tutorial will show you how to teach your dog to stop pulling on walks. It’s important to first develop a strong foundation before taking this behavior around distractions. Most puppies are not ready to start going on long walks when they first come home and the exercises demonstrated in this video are essential first steps that you can start from day one! The techniques shown here will also help develop a positive relationship with the puppy. Training a dog to behave on a loose leash is necessary but most people fail because they jump ahead without taking time to work on the basics. Subscribe to our channel for everything you need to know about training your dog and updates about future videos on how to take this skill to the next level!

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  1. Hello, I have just found your channel and it appears to be the "go to" channel for successful dog training.
    I do have a question though, my dog is 15 months old and I got him at 8 months.
    the main problem I have with him is pulling on his lead when we go for our walks.
    Also, he lunges at other dogs, but he only wants to play with them, – whether they want to play or not, how can I cure this lunging behaviour.
    Another thing is when he is off leash, if he sees a kangaroo or a rabbit, he takes off after them and I have no control over him whatsoever.
    I did try taking him to a dog training group but unfortunately, as it was a group session, the trainer was too far away for me to hear what was being said, as I have a hearing problem, so I gave up.

  2. Thank you so much, I'm going to watch all your videos. I just tried this at home with my teenage dog and will do more. Very clearly explained and showed, great video!

  3. Overall this is a very nice video tutorial. My one cringe critique however is between minutes 5 to 6. During that sequence you have a very poor fitting harness on the puppy which is totally not needed. I really really do not like those sloppy 'no pull' harness that interfere with the dogs natural movement, they just make me cringe. Here is a link to a pdf about harnesses and it talks about how they affect the dogs movement: Other than that one minute I thought the rest of the video was very well done. Nice job.

  4. Well crap! Now I see this😄 I have done a great job training my dogs (So I've been told). But, I must say this is the one thing I struggle with. My dogs do okay but still have trouble at times. With 3 large dogs this would make a huge difference. By far the best I have seen! Thank you so much for sharing. Hopefully at the ages of 3, 5 1/2 and 7 years they won't give momma (me) an attitude. LOL

  5. I've stopped using a Halti and am trying to get mine to pull less on the leash while walking. Just wondering if these same steps can be applied to a 1.5 year old dog, or should other ways be implemented in order to stop leash pulling for older dogs? Thanks

  6. My German Shepherd puppy will give up so fast lol he will just sit and look at me eventually. Tried doing “heel” training same thing happens

  7. Thank you for this video. I tried practicing your technique with my puppy and she started getting the hang of it. I'll keep practicing because my dog is a boxer and is already strong enough to practically pull my arm out of the socket! :0

  8. I wish i saw this video months earlier, our dog is 9 months now and pulls on the leash and i Don't know how to solve it. Can i still try this method?

  9. I have a 6 month old rescue Cocker/Terrier mix. She is pulling, lunging, barking, whimpering and jumping when on the lead at the park. Tried stopping until she stopped these attributes but it actually took more than 15 minutes for her to be calm. Then continued on walking, she was pulling again, turned and walked the other way, this went on turning and turning for around 10 minutes, then I just got fed up and took her home from the park (which was empty and entering twilight at this point!). I am patient but this has been going on for 2 months, we have had her for 3 months is wearing me down

  10. which dog should i get i torn pls help should i get a French bulldog,pitbull,Doberman,German shepherd,kangal, or belgian malinois pls help i don't know which breed to get for myself as a loyal personal protector

  11. @Training Positive good video. This is the way I pretty much tried to teach my Ruby. She would do great at home, but once we would go outside for a walk treats and toys were completely useless to get her to pay attention and not tug. I finally had to try something different. Since all Ruby wants to do is go go go go I just simply stopped till she stopped pulling, but as soon as she stopped pulling I would say YES and start moving right away. I basically replaced a treat with moving forward. Now she does pretty good. Its funny though when I stop she will usually let out a big ol sigh as if to say darn it lol. I will be doing more dog teaching videos on my channel as well. How we all can work together and make each other better dog teachers.

  12. So… puppy is walking on a loose lead fine until we are nearing returning home then starts to pull. How do you correct that? Do you stop and wait for him to return and the reward? To me this teaches him if he pulls a reward is coming. What are you supposed to do?

  13. I never post comments but you my friend are something spaicel I never seen somone talk and explain the way you do you you got it totally thenk you for been you

  14. Question. If you reward the dog for returning after having pulled, don't you reinforce the idea of, "i pull then return – therefore treat"? My dog does this at times which is annoying because this leaves me unsure of what to do! He is a mini schnauzer.

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