How to fix your credit with credit karma part 1

How to fix your credit with credit karma part 1

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My credit score jumped 60 points with hints and tricks

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how to fix my credit

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  4. don't be surprised when it drops 90 points once they catch up with you

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  6. Don't worry, seen so many reviews and did my research. Why don't they report to all 3 bureaus?? So happy I didnt begin to give them my money!!

  7. credit karma only reports two of the agencies. What they report is way off what your actual credit score may be. Higher or lower.

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  9. I'm 24K in debt… you seem to have some good luck, why don't you throw some of that good luck towards me in the form of hundred dollar bills yah?

  10. Credit Karma Uses Vantage score which No bank really use. 90% of banks and creditors use FICO. My advice to people to boost their credit is to 1. become an Authorize user on someone account who has a long history. 2. Get secure credit card/store cards. and every 6 months apply for credit cards and credit limit increases. YOUR WELCOME.

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