Gringos In The Garbage | Nicaraguan Poverty Documentary

Gringos In The Garbage | Nicaraguan Poverty Documentary

Gringos Around the Globe

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El Limonal is an impoverished Nicaraguan community located between a sewage plant, a cemetery and a garbage dump. For people here, survival is a daily challenge largely achieved by making use of other people’s waste.

Warren FitzGerald and Jess Rothenburger first visited El Limonal as ‘voluntourists’ in 2013. But they were compelled to return in 2014 to live with the locals and scavenge in search of recyclables and answers. The idea was to make a film about the experience, an equal share of the proceeds from which would be given to the community to spend however it wanted.

For these two Gringos it was just the start of a journey of connections, joy, tears and illness that would lead them to question the very meaning of wealth and poverty. Not only would they learn about surviving from a dump, but also about the endurance of the human spirit and the preserving of dignity.

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make use of garbage

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  1. Awesome to see somebody from my province making a documentary like this…..I visit Loops a lot during the year since it is only 3.5 hours drive from my city up north

  2. It's time for us as people to stop watching problems and start helping in real, physical and monetary ways. One of us may not have millions of dollars and man hours, but I'm sure if we simply care more about our sisters and brothers around the world (because WE could EASILY be them), even $2 each by the thousands could make a difference! If youd like to help, please reply to this message.

  3. Progressive,Democrat,Socialist,Liberal, look how great it is…everybody is equal, equal in extreme poverty except for the few ruling elite of the country of course.
    But when these people slither/sneak into the USA they vote for the same Progressive,Democrat,Socialist,Liberal ……That IS the definition of profound stupidity !
    A great viral pandemic is needed in this place and many many others just like it around this overpopulated planet !

  4. The Sandinistas/Orteguista Socialist government is corrupted and they don't give a shit about the extreme poor people. Nicaragua needs a new Democratic Government. Free elections.

  5. why is it that in all these poor country's people cannot learn to put trash in a barrel or bag and just throw all there garbage on ground , but they sure know how to hold there hands out,,,

  6. thanks for supporting Nicaragua. God bless you guys! I'm nicaraguan, I went to limonal last year and honestly is sad what people have to do to survive there! i really appreciate it what you're doing guys

  7. I am Nicaraguan . And I'm so glad you guys made this video as a young girl I would always travel to nicaragua for summer vacation and saw a lot of poverty in my country . Even some of my family members lived like this . I believe believe everyone should be exposed to this world of poverty . Made me a very humble being. One image I can not get out of my head as a 8 year old is witnessing children on a corner sniffing glue and just out of it . . Cant wait to see more of your videos keep it up you guys .

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