DRAGAN BENDER and the Phoenix Suns are BETTER Than You Think!

DRAGAN BENDER and the Phoenix Suns are BETTER Than You Think!

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Dragan Bender struggled to start his rookie season, but he has massive potential and begun to play well for the Phoenix Suns. This has become even more apparent since Earl Watson was fired! Bender has been playing around 20 minutes a night and showing his enormous defensive potential.

He has also reminded the league that he could be a very dangerous offensive player in the future, with deadly range, good handles, and good passing. Bender could be a key piece for the Phoenix Suns going forward, the Phoenix Suns still have massive potential as long as they hire a good coach and make smart front office decisions.

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  1. I like Bender. He seems like one of the most unique defenders in the league. He can guard any position. This is a very valuable trait and rare. His defense can change games. His offense is inconsistent right now but his shot probably will develop consistency over time. You can't give up on a 7'1" defensive star, that can shoot. If the suns give up now, he will end up a star in San Antonio, our enemy.

  2. Ill be honest Im a die hard suns fan and I was about to give up on him until I rembered hes 20 and cant even drink a beer yet in the US. He is going to be a good NBA player. I hope the suns keep him

  3. Thank you for this. I totally agree that bender is an up and coming player. He’s still. Bit shy on offense so I hope that goes away soon but he’s still a kid. I feel he’s a more projected better player than chriss. Hoping it all goes well for Bender next year and the end of this year. Would love to try and coach him on mental toughness and his game as it stands.

  4. Bender needs to play with confidence. Too hesitant. JJ is not playing great but he's aggressive and confident and he'll grow.

  5. I was hoping they actually tried to turn Bender into a SF when they drafted him because he has the foot speed for it. Was really hoping hed turn into Kukoc 2.0 or a 7'1" Hedo. But hes still more of a PF then C imo and plays best there like recently alongside Monroe at C.

  6. I’m just glad that he’s not afraid to drive hard to the hoop anymore, on his drives and put the ball on the deck. I think he becomes a 7’1” version of Toni Kukoc for the Suns, only with great defensive/shot blocking skills, due to his tremendous lateral movement/agility for his size and quick second jump ability

  7. He doesn't turn 20 for another 4 months!!! Patience is key for him. I think he compares more to Jokic than Porzingis offensively. Every 7 foot European is "the next Kristaps" just like every flashy white guard is "the next White Chocolate" He's not Porzingis but he could be just as good some day.

  8. He just needs to continue to work hard and focus on his defense, rebounding and improve his shooting % and try to become a great role player 3&D big, he doesn't need to be like Nowitzki or Porzingis, a bigger better version of Robert Horry would be nice.

  9. The Sun's have a good squad coming up. I think they should let Alex Len walk when the time comes though. Either that or just cut his mins even more because he's not giving you much in defense or offense. Also they should of traded Eric Bledsoe should of been traded years ago alongside IT when they had the chance. I don't think they get much for him since the situation is about as bad as it can be.

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