DIY Lighten DARK Hair in 1 STEP at Home!!!

DIY Lighten DARK Hair in 1 STEP at Home!!!

Rebecca Gomez

I’m using this (Superior Preference in Shade 110) Light Ash Blonde Box dye to lighten my hair at home without bleaching it first. Way less Damage, Way less money, the box was like $10 on sale. There are still chemicals in the dye that cause your hair to lighten but this is a bleach free method. Straight up bleaching your hair is like 95% worse than this method of lightening black hair! I’m not an expert, this is my first time.

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  1. You did fine. And you're right, you didn't bleach your hair. You used color and developer, which is not bleach! I've been licensed over twenty years.

  2. I got a quation. hope you girls can answer me. I have done highlights on my natural hair than I done it again but just on top of my hair and I was blonde like that for some time… than I wanted darker so I died my hair brown but highlights become green… I was shock I imidiatly bought number 3 hair diy and I was black! Than I bought vit c and head and shoulders and put it on my hair to remove color… I have removed some of it than I was breasy and by number 5 hair color diy in hope I would become brunette. I became some non defined color black.. I didn't like it at all.. I was crying. than I bought vit c again and do the procedure and it left my hair red! I was red. than I finally go to hair salon because I don't know what to do and she did me highlights and rest of hair died number 5 again and of course than I didn't like it. because again i was number 5… so i want to be brunette. should I buy the lightes blond dye and go over black or should i buy color remover and remove black of hair and than go with some color and wich? and if i remove black and left with red and i do lightest blonde over it wich color i will get????

  3. Hello please i need help .. i have actually colored my hair with black henna 5 days ago and i regret it a lot and i really need to go back and change the colour .. i want it brown but i don't know what shade of hair coloring should i use .. I need suggestions please thank you

  4. Guys I need help. I have recently box dyed my hair dark brown and it turned out black. I want to turn in dark brown but I don't know how to. Can someone help

  5. I used that exact box on my hair and it turned the top of it a kind of orange color and it’s only on the top. The rest is lighter too but mostly the top. I don’t even like the color on me.

  6. Whoa, you look awesome! I think I'm going to try this but I kind of want to do like a purple after I lighten it. Can I do it right after? Or should I wait a few days?

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