Devin Gives Up Coffee And Alcohol For A Week // Presented By Olay

Devin Gives Up Coffee And Alcohol For A Week // Presented By Olay


Devin is turning 30 this December! Stay tuned for more videos as she takes on new challenges before the big 3-0 // Presented by Olay

Check out the rest of her journey below:
– Devin Talks To Her Mom About Turning 30 –

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  1. It was interesting up until the part where it was a commercial :/ Really? Just blatant product placement? Lame.

  2. the sleep pattern? it also take about 9 month. one trick , put bed so head is magnetic north and feet is magnetic south .(or viceversa) and sleep in one pole , when you wake up , switch pole . head to feet feet to head etc. this will make it easier

  3. i passed the coffee phaze! it take a while. ( about 70 days) how long before adrenaline fatigue go away? about 9 month!

  4. I don't drink coffee or alcohol. I don't like the taste of either one. I drink caffeine free soda.

  5. I know this is just one big ad for Olay however this an interesting series, I just wish it wasn’t so short.

  6. So you can beat the downfall of having no coffee by a 30 dollar eye cream. Suuure, I buy that idea… I mean show a little bit what happened at least.

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  8. Discreet and dishonest ad was detected. Please add tag "ad" to this video. It is right thing to do.

  9. She's turning 30? She looks like she's one of those middle-aged women that changed their look cuz of a midlife crisis

  10. another GREAT benefit to drinking that much water, my hangovers have significantly reduced 🙂

  11. Devin looks so pretty in this video! She always does but she looks like way extra pretty & glowy

Devin Gives Up Coffee And Alcohol For A Week // Presented By Olay