Atlanta Rapper “ThuggaTrey”WHO SHOT 21 Savage lil brother,WAS SHOT in 9thward atlanta!

Atlanta Rapper "ThuggaTrey"WHO SHOT 21 Savage lil brother,WAS SHOT in 9thward atlanta!


Atlanta rapper Thugga trey who earlier this year shot 21 savage younger brotha slaughta gang tip was shot by one of 21 savage slaughter gang members.Thugga trey is part of the 9thward atlanta 6thtreyblue which is a crip gang.

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  1. Stupid ass…

    His mama there, boy shouldn't stayed in school.

    The gang is all so thin they look like a rebel group in fucking Uganda!

  2. Mfer you’re gonna get 💥☠️⚰️!!! If you don’t shut your dry snitching bitchass 👆🏽!!! HTH did you fix your face say some fuckery like that Officer WaliDbiggestsnitch??? 🤬😡😏

  3. Take a breath home boy you're all over the place and ain't making a point, too busy copying ak to worry about the message huh, fake ass lame.

  4. G u must not be frm da street shut up u sound lik u wear a helmet ….. Crips don't wear 5 point stars just for the heads up u gone get folded u keep geting dat shit wrong

  5. Other than this dude being a complete rip-off of fagademiks what’s with all these hip hop commentators having terrible accents? Along with broken English and words out of place at times this shit is cringe Af to listen/watch

  6. blacks surprise new to me they seem very street smart. good politicians. but they get manipulated so easy looks like they would figure out they being used. I guess they naturally addicted to violence

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