An Explanation of Specialist Studio Lighting including the Pulso Spot 4, fresnels and projections.

An Explanation of Specialist Studio Lighting including the Pulso Spot 4, fresnels and projections.

Karl Taylor

The broncolor Pulso Spot 4 is a great new piece of kit I’ve recently added to my arsenal of photography studio lighting equipment and in this video I show you what you can do with it.

I also explain how other specialist photography equipment works and when to use it to help you decide what lights and lighting modifiers best suit your needs.

Please comment below if this was helpful and if there are other pieces of photography studio equipment you would like me to look at in the future.

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  1. Thank you for perfect lesson, Karl. Just two questions: #1 How thick these gobos used to be? #2 Does it impact the final effect if these gobos are black, silver or brass?
    BTW: Tomorrow i will take a picture of the most beautiful window frame de fin de siécle. Perfect for gobo.

  2. How is a frosted dome going to create a point light source? The filament inside the clear bulb would be the closest thing to a point light source. The frosted cover is only going to make a very even light source over a larger area..

  3. Karl, thank you for the really informative video and sharing your toys. I just might have to sign-up for your educational classes online! The photo of the model of feminine pulchritude at 12:47… was the raised panel wainscoting also a projection?

  4. Thank you for showing use the range of specialist spot lighting. Here is the but (lol 😂) I would loved to have seen some KTP images showing the results from these lights. 😀

  5. Next time use a gimbal and de camera autofocus of…:) i myself have two old spot attachment from broncolor, and the old medium fresnel…beautiful!

  6. profoto also had that spot projector. Problem is that they are super over expensive. We have to wait for Godox to do something about that.

  7. At last you did a video on these special lamps from Broncolor ! But as I asked you before on the Karl Education website, I'd like you to make a full video like the very good one you did for the beauty dishes, about the fresnel lamps. I happen to have a Flooter myself bought in second hand and it's possible to do fantastic dramatic portraits with it. the problem is that I'm not skilled enough and would like if possible to see on the Karl Taylor education website a complete tutorial with the possibilities the fresnel does, I also have picolites and as I understood it's also possible to do portraits with it and the fresnel attachment. I liked the old fashion b&w pictures of the 50's made with fresnels…
    Thank you Karl, you are a nice person (we met in Paris) and a wonderful teacher…

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