5 Biggest Photography Misconceptions

5 Biggest Photography Misconceptions


Here are my top five photography misconceptions. What are yours? Which one shocked you the most?

#6: I have been informed ISO is pronounced “eye-so” NOT “eye-es-oh.” I make this mistake in the video.

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  1. No grain in photography, grain is in films da…!! Noise and grain are soo complete different terms and different terminology..!!

  2. How the second one is true 😅😅😅😅 phone can never reach 1% of the dslr's. See when seeing out result through the phone or the LCD's .its always going to be enough bcoz any picture taken on any phone with avg camera (2mb) Is enough.. All the difference the way it produces colours and when it comes to professional level.research of it when u found it true just let me know

  3. Great channel, nice clear content and good infographics. Wish there was more tutorials made this easy.

  4. if more expensive cameras don't take better pictures than a cell phone,why would anyone waste all that money

  5. I'm pretty sure no matter how scientifically you explain it, the higher the ISO, the greater the grain/noise. Plain and simple.

  6. I did enjoy your video. I agree about the expensive vs cheaper cameras and surprised you did mention usability. From personal experience I know a few friends who have DSLR that never see the light of day mainly because they are walkers first, photographers second Only last week I met my friend in Durham he didn't bring his DSLR because it was very overcast and he didn't want to get it wet, but I took my trusty canon superzoom. Sure enough we saw an otter in the river, the zoom did it proud.

  7. Hey Vincent,which software do you use to animate your videos. Can anyone suggest me a software to animate like this?

  8. If you are a beginner photographer do your research not everything said on this video is true

  9. Number 3 is spot on. Although I don't use auto mode I often use Aperture priority over manual. I have even started using live view more now because I see the image better than I do through the view finder. Those things are fround upon by supposed pros on forums. Do what is necessary to get the image you want and f#xk what anyone else thinks.

  10. hi. can you make video on the differences in the settings for videography and photography in general? thanks btw. and as always, you guys make awesome animation and its easy for people like me to understand 🙂

  11. I thought this was a great educational video until it argued with microcontrast 🙈 (many scientific discussions and professional opticians use that term.. not)

  12. this channel is amazing, a very very simplistic way of learning photography without getting to confused with easy steps and simple pictures, please don't stop

  13. Really good, informative video! Thanks for your effort to clarify these points, I think you got yourself a new subscriber 😉

  14. Microcontrast? Really? This video tries to sell itself by being scientific and then throws this made up,unscientific, term at you. Microcontrast is a myth.

  15. I think the simplified explanation of ISO is not as much a misconception as it is an easy way to understand it's practical application. In practical terms, pictures taken with a higher ISO have greater noise. By what witchcraft this happens is not really useful to many.

  16. Yes, but if you don’t know HOW to use manual mode, you won’t be very successful as a photographer

  17. I think for anyone starting photography, you should start in manual mode. The program modes are good, especially SP for shooting birds, but if you want to become fimilar with how a camera works manual mode.

  18. The sad thing about YouTube is that self-publishing lets channels like these create all kinds of "top 5" videos around concepts of which the authors have only a casual understanding. While this has a few good points in it, it is also filled with a great deal of conjecture and some stuff that is just plain wrong and/or misleading. The animations are great–if only there were some solid research or expertise to back this up. A hearty thumbs down for you.

5 Biggest Photography Misconceptions